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Clinic Updates:  14 September 2016

- The Milwaukee Brewers have announced their 2017 schedule.  We hope to be announcing our 2017 clinic dates within the next few days.  Stay tuned on Facebook, Twitter, and here on our website for the formal announcement.  We look forward to seeing you in 2017 at our clinic!

- The Milwaukee Honor Guard Clinic is now on Twitter.  Follow-us @MKE_HG_CLINIC.  We will continue to provide updates here on our website, and on facebook as well as on Twitter.

-Planning for the 2017 Milwaukee Honor Guard Clinic is well under way.  We expect our 2017 clinic dates to be announced in late next month or early in October so stay tuned and sign up early as we are expecting to exceed last years level of interest and our class attendance is capped at 90 attendees.

- Interested in attending our 2017 clinic?  We'd be honored to have you join us!  Sign up to receive updates on next years 2017 Milwaukee clinic by clicking "HERE".

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