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Clinic Updates:  23 November 2016

- Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

- Registration for our 2017 clinic is well underway with more interest than we expected.  We hope you'll join us in April.  Please register soon to secure your spot as they are going fast!

- 2017 CLINIC DATES HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED!!!  Our 2017 Milwaukee Honor Guard Clinic will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin April 20th through April 22nd 2017!  Registration is now open.  We encourage anyone interested to register as soon as possible as our 2017 clinic is limited to 90 attendees and we expect a high level of interest again this year.  You can register by clicking on the "Registration" tab above.

- The Milwaukee Honor Guard Clinic is now on Twitter.  Follow-us @MKE_HG_CLINIC.  We will continue to provide updates here on our website, and on facebook as well as on Twitter

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